Ecléctico is a world of music for your ears and algorithms, one song at a time.

Ecléctico…is done with uncommon excellence and (as the name suggests) diversity of taste.
- Todd L. Burns, Music Journalism Insider

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I’m Armando and I love music.

One evening, my wife and I were wondering what to listening to. The streaming platform we use knows what we like and gives us good music recommendations based on our listening habits. However, we’re adventurous listeners, and we want to be pushed outside of our comfort zones.

The algorithm just didn’t cut it, so I set out to improve it by exploring and experimenting with styles, genres, and sounds.

I started Ecléctico in June of 2019, originally as a newsletter called What do I listen to today?, then just Listen, before finding the groove with Ecléctico—which is truly the best fit for an eclectic endeavor such as this one.

Where does the music on Ecléctico come from? Everywhere. Here's just a sample.

  • I devour recommendations and reviews from music websites like Bandcamp, Pan African Music, Sounds and Colors, and so many more.

  • I listen to a lot of community/public radio stations like WFMU and WWOZ.

  • I ask my music-loving friends what they’re listening to.

I keep a list of the music that resonates most and share it with you on Ecléctico. Subscribe now and let’s listen to more, together.