Fédia Laguerre

🏷 Singer from Haiti

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"Divizion" by Fédia Laguerre

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Picadilly Records: Atangana Records’s first release heads into the Caribbean, handing the diggers the most in demand Haitian grail "Divizion" by singer Fedia Laguerre. Originally released in 1981, this first 12" comes with a remix by Voilaaa and an instrumental cut exclusively based on the additional work by the French afro-collective. In its original form, "Divizion's" plangent horns, cool keys and politicized lyrics create a powerful yet melancholy sound that pairs raw soul with body moving groove. Taking the controls, favourites Voilaaa twist the arrangement and up the ante with an extended mix made for DJs and dancers. Bounding in bonus beats territories, Voilaaa also offer a stripped back and sparse variant created from their additional material.