🏷 Afro-Uruguayan pop singer and artist from Montevideo

This week, Ecléctico is traveling the world below the equator. Today, we cross the Pacific Ocean and land in Uruguay.

"Oxígeno Diatómico" by Nomusa

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Inspired Traveler: Nomusa is another entity. “I invented it, but it is moving further and further away from me,” explains the Afro-Uruguayan artist [Camila Cardozo] about [their] alter ego baptized with a double meaning: an African name that can be understood as “I am not your muse,” a clue to begin to decipher everything that coexists in this figure conceived between family legacies, innate talent, inequalities and strong convictions with a hunger for justice.

[Their] musical creations are essentially nourished by hip hop, nu jazz and afrobeat, but [they are] also influenced by an eclectic cocktail: post punk, waltz, progressive rock, krautrock, Uruguayan popular music, candombe beat, Bossa Nova, Cuban Son, Pop and Glam Rock. After a lifetime linked to creativity – from theater and dance to painting and fashion – and an EP that [they] released in 2017 under [their] birth name, this brilliant young woman found the supreme voice of [their] artistic identity on Nomusa and presented…last December F.A.T.U.M, [their] debut LP. “It is an album that in concept questions the phenomenology of time,” in [their] words.

Note: I changed the pronouns to they/their in the copy above for consistency. The copy on the website appears to be a rough translation from Spanish to English with an inconsistent use of her/she and him/he pronouns. -AB